Our services

Our three services are built on the three critical phases of diagnosing, designing and building an organization’s capabilities to implement its strategy. You can acquire these services as single services according to your needs or as an end-to-end-process.

First date

Before embarking on a joint journey of building your future organization, we’d like to start off by offering you a free-of-charge First Date -service to create a joint view of the big picture.

As an outcome, you’ll get our initial view mirroring the business context, the current situation and how it could be addressed

  1. LAUNCH: the Client paints us the big picture and the starting point
  2. FACT FINDING: we gather and review existing data and materials
  3. ALL EARS: we listen and talk to key stake-holders to collect insight
  4. MIRRORING: we create and present the Client with our initial view of the situation and how it could be addressed

Diagnose the current

We deliver an organizational capability analysis based on a definition of the target state of the future organization and its operations, a gap-analysis of the target state vs. current state, identified key development areas and a transformation roadmap

  1. CLEAR TARGET: together with the Client, we define the intended target state of the organization, its impact and its practical implications
  2. CURRENT STATE: we engage the organization in analysing how far off we are currently from the target state, why and what the key development areas are
  3. DEEP DIVE: for the selected development areas, in dialogue with key stakeholders, we drill into the many realities and experiences of the current state as well as the root causes behind them
  4. DIAGNOSIS: we create and present the Client with an organizational capability diagnosis including a gap-analysis and a transformation roadmap

Design the Future

We deliver an implementable design for the future organization, its leadership, its operating model and/or its people performance prepared, from a strategic, tactical and operative design perspective

  1. STRATEGIC DESIGN: we create alternative organizational designs and solutions addressing the prioritized strategic development areas and issues expected to fuel intended long-term impact
  2. TACTICAL DESIGN: based on the Client’s choice of strategic design, we design in detail the future leadership, operating model and people performance streams to catalyze projected mid-term outcomes
  3. OPERATIVE DESIGN: we engage the organization in translating the specified tactical designs into operative activities, skills and ways of working, which we then simulate and pilot in order to verify implementability and ensure short-term results

Help to build

We provide fit-for-purpose support in building organizational capabilities, measuring progress and facilitating the transformation process

  1. BUILDING CAPABILITIES: using fit-for-purpose methods and tools from our vast toolbox, we help the people in the organization to develop themselves and their ways of working in order to implement the future organization
  2. MEASURING PROGRESS: with our Engager tool, we engage the organization in evaluating how far we have progressed in our transformation, lessons learned, how the concept should be adjusted and what should be done next
  3. MANAGING CHANGE: we help leaders in planning and leading a successful organizational transformation as well as the people in the the organization in preparing for and coping with it