Our approach

We believe that every organization is a unique living organism with its unique ambition, capabilities and heritage. There is no “one-size-fits-all model” or “leadership ism” that can be taken from one context to another with the expectation of a perfect fit. Leaning on our broad understanding of and experience in organizational development and dynamics, we help our clients in finding the right solution to the right problem and, in doing so, creating an adaptive, learning organization that can take ownership of its own evolution and growth.

Our Triple Vision approach

When building an organization’s capabilities to meet its strategic ambition, we focus on elevating the three most relevant components of organizational success: Leadership, Operating Model and People Performance.

In order to boost the impact of these three key components, we also need to integrate the three most relevant elements of organizational dynamics in the development: Power, Trust and Clarity.


How do we use and delegate power?
Do we share a sense of empowerment?


Do we have shared values?
Do we trust each other?
Do we believe that we
will succeed together?


Are our decisions, plans,
roles, mandates and ways
of working clear to us?
Are we able to communicate
them clearly?

Operating model

When developing the
Operating Model, we aim
to provide a strategy-
driven operational
infrastructure for the
organization by developing
fit-for-purpose structures,
roles, ways of working and tools.

People performance

When developing People
Performance, we strive to
catalyze a high-performance
culture that balances well-
being, professionalism and
business needs. We view the
employee experience through
the development of attitudes
and skills, accountability and
rewards as well as a sense of
belonging and psychological


In Leadership development,
we focus on understanding
and harmonizing leadership
beliefs, evaluating and
developing leadership
competencies as well as
elevating leadership practices
and the management system.

The Renesans way

In our view, systematic evaluation and building of an organization’s strategic capabilities is a highly business-critical process that is, and should, be an integral part of every strategy implementation and business transformation initiative.

To ensure a strong linkage to the strategic ambition and a solid foundation for the upcoming development, we begin by creating a shared view of the business context and drivers behind the development initiative, and their expected impact on the future organization: trends and changes in the business environment (outside-in), strategies and ambitions (inside-out) as well as heritage, bottlenecks and inertia (inside-in).

The actual organizational development is done through a 3-step iterative and agile process of Diagnose, Design and Build. We envision the target state of the organization and its operations, evaluate the current, design the solution and support the client in implementing it. This cyclical process focuses on finding and executing only the most relevant and

impactful development actions at any given time in order to ensure an impactful and effective process.

In order to fuel and speed up the process, whenever feasible, we use our newly developed organizational diagnostics tool Engager. With this tool we engage stakeholders in the organization to create a gap analysis of how far off we currently are from the envisioned target state, find the main development areas and gather ideas for development. Moreover, we use this tool to evaluate progress in the transformation process.

Why Renesans?

Triple Vision for true impact

Organizations are complex people-systems, where everything is linked to and affects everything. This has to be reflected in the development approach to ensure impact. When building organizational capabilities, we integrate the three most relevant components of organizational success in the development: Leadership, Operating Model and People Performance. We call this approach the Triple Vision.

Focus & engage-ment with Engager

Big impact does not necessarily require big change. Finding the most impactful development topics and underlying root causes as fast as possible with as much people involvement as possible, speeds up the development process. Engager is our digital diagnostics platform that enables us to engage your organization in assessing the gap between your ambitions and your current state. This is how we find your current strengths as well as the most essential painpoints and development topics to focus on.

Making it happen matters

We don’t present you with a pack of slides based on current best practices. And we don’t leave you alone with an abstract blueprint. We will work with you in the diagnostic, planning and the implementation phase, according to your needs. Our purpose is to produce living, implementable ideas, and we will justify our recommendations by helping you execute them. To us implementation success is an implicit guideline and component in the whole process from start to finish.