Is your organization capable
of implementing its strategy?

The vision and reasoning behind strategic transformations is usually quite clear. The million-dollar question is “how ready and capable are we, as an organization, to implement our strategic ambition successfully?”.

Our focus

As a team of experienced transformation and organizational development professionals, we help diagnose, design and build organizations to meet their strategic ambitions.

In building strategy-driven organizational capabilities, we work with real-world business issues such as:

  • Evaluating and developing leadership across the organization
  • Restructuring of organizations and strategic positioning of functions
  • Building value chains and removing / reducing silos
  • Integrating organizations, operations and cultures in M&A’s
  • Catalyzing business transformations and strategy implementations

Our roles

Depending on the client, we can have one or multiple roles as catalysts in building strategy-driven organizations:

  • VISIONARY: as visionaries, our job is to broaden horizons, connect the future trends with the needs of the organization as well as take an outside-in view on the organization’s ambitions and current operations to challenge the status quo.

  • ARCHITECT: as architects, we bring reality and implementability to the visions. We design a future organization that meets the visions and ambitions of the client, and we prepare the people for the upcoming change.

  • BUILDER: as builders, we get our hands dirty and help making the future organization come to life. As facilitators, consultants, coaches, trainers or even interim leaders we are actively involved in the everyday life of the client’s organization, developing leadership, people and culture, setting up structures, implementing new ways of working and transforming attitudes.